Tulane Mathematical Modeling and Analysis Lab

The Tulane Mathematical Modeling and Analysis Lab is focused on constructing new models for complex systems, analyzing the mathematical structure of these models, and quantifying the uncertainty in how well a model approximates the original physical or biological system.

Our current areas of focus are centered around quantifying uncertainty and creating mathematical models based on the underlying transmission mechanisms of diseases to help the medical and scientific community to understand and anticipate the spread of a disease and to optimize the impact of prevention strategies on disease transmission.

Modeling Biological Systems

  • Infectious Disease Transmission
    • Joint-Degree Network Modeling
    • Vector-Borne Dynamics
  • In-Host Dynamics of Chronic Diseases

Uncertainty Quantification

  • Multivariate Surrogate Models with Sparse Samples
  • Statistical and Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Applications of Low Discrepancy and Adaptive Sampling